Fromage de Gouda

The Amsterdam Cheese Company label is produced by CONO Cheesemakers in the Dutch Westbeemster. For over one hundred years over 440 dairy farmers and cheese masters have worked together as a cooperative to make the best tasting cheese of the Netherlands. Unique in its taste and texture. The cooperation is still owned by its members and the cheese production continues to be developed following traditional and artisanal processes. In 2001 CONO was honored with an appointment to the Court of The Netherlands, while the Westbeemster area became a UNESCO world heritage site. Today, CONO has built a brand-new cheese making facility in the Beemsterpolder. The most environmentally friendly cheese making facility in the world is to be called “The New Time” and will allow the cooperative to continue on its promise: contribute to the future in a way that connects to its roots while staying ahead in taste and sustainability.

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