ACC Jalapeño

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This creamy young cheese from North Holland is blended with Jalapeños. These are medium-sized spicy Mexican chili peppers. The jalapeños give our mild Gouda Cheese a peppy, zestful flavor. This cheese is added to the assortment and since the start absolute best selling. Watch out! Please note that this cheese is even more spicy then the hot pepper. Please note that this cheese is pasteurized.

It is nice to know that the jalapeños are low in calories and full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

Food pairings:
Mexican food as tortillas, wraps, bean salads or tapas.

Drink pairings:
With our ACC beer, Chateau Amsterdam red wine: Tango by night.

The flavored cheese label is made by Klaver Cheesemakers in cooperation with CONO Cheesemakers. Because of the detailed attention to their animal wellbeing, Klaver is able to produce the most wonderful Cheese blends. All the Gouda blends are aged for 4 months and made of cow milk.

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